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Healthy food delivery
from 800₽ per day
Choose your own perfect ration
Free delivery within city limits

Nutrition diet with low energy availability. You consume less energy, than you need during the day with the exact amount of carbohydrates, that providesstable level of energy during the day for us . Rations are set for 4 meals per day.

Rations from 900 Kcal // from 800 rub.
I lose weight

Low calorie nutrition for losing weight and fixing the result without exhausting hunger. It normalizes the metabolism and digestion. Rations are set for 5 meals per day.

Rations from 1100 Kcal // from 900 rub.
Balanced nutrition

The diet consists of dishes with equal correlation of proteins and carbs and optimal amount of fats. Such combination allows to maintain current weight, ameliorate the health, regulate the metabolism and supply organism with essential vitamins and elements. Rations are set for 4-5 meals per day.

Rations from 1500 Kcal // from 1150 rub.
Sport nutrition

Balanced nutrition during sustained physical activities for easy and fast energy recovery to be always fit. Rations are set for 4-6 meals per day.


Rations from 2000 Kcal // from 1450 rub.
High-protein diet

The high-protein diet will help effectively get rid of excessive kilograms. The optimal amount of fats and necessary quantity of slow carbs are maintained in this diet. Rations are set for 4-6 meals per day.

Rations from 1100 Kcal // from 1050 rub.
Vegan menu

The diet is aimed on those, who exclude milk and other animal source foods, and supplies them with valuable vitamins and microelements. Rations are set for 4-6 meals per day.

Rations from 1100 Kcal // from 1050 rub.
100 RUB *

* Delivery to the districts of Mayak, Rostosh, Berdy,
Vegetable Grower, Suburban, Southern,
Ecodole – 100 rubles.

If you eat constantly, then in the specified
delivery areas
is free.


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Наш инстаграм

Chef-prepared proper nutrition with delivery

Fitmenchef by Danil Ruban is a company focused on the proper nutrition delivery to your home or office. The main principles of our service is the freshness and availability of meals with the calories count. Our delivery of prepared food is suitable for both athletes and other people. Only our company has its own proper nutrition bar, where you can choose healthy food to eat during the day. It is easy to stay fit and push the boundaries with us.

DANIL RUBAN  // Your fitness chef
Healthy food features from Fitmenchef by Danil Ruban

The company Fitmenchef uses only high-quality fresh products while preparing different rations. Everything man eats becomes a part of his body. With our delivery it is easier to get perfect body without wasting time on buying or preparing food and counting calories on your own.

The nutrition was developed on the own experience of 47 kilo loss of weight by our chef Danil Ruban, Candidate for Master of Sports in boxing. He stays fit every day thanks to our delivery. He founded healthy kitchen, worked up more than 365 healthy dishes. Our service guarantees the variety of food in any plan. Using our delivery, you will find out, that healthy food can be delicious.

We deliver the healthy food rations with calories count depicted on every container, and only our service provides full meals description and the time of food intake. Every package includes branded cornstarch cutlery, because we take care of the environment. Ordering food here, you will not eat to excess and will get rid of overeating.